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Thank you for your interest in receiving sponsorship from The Eclectic Table, please read the criteria and instructions below. Our event sponsorship will be considered for the following:

  • recognized 501c3 (Charity) in the United States

  • small businesses looking to collaborate

(please click the link below to see the criteria section that applies to your event/organization on the form).



The purpose of our partnership is to show our support for an important cause, build our brand awareness, and promote diversity within our community and beyond. We recognize that mutual positive benefits are received when we partner with outside or community organizations. Please see the conditions selection criteria, and process below.



  • We encourage you to apply well in advance of your event; therefore a 3-6 month window is required. The Combination of Culinary Services with Graphic & Media Design support package requires a 6-8 month window

  • All promos must include The Eclectic Table’s logo as a supporting sponsor.

  • Business card placement & and any other printed company material as discussed.

  • All submitted logos and photos for us to use on your event promo materials must be at least 300 dpi

  • Acknowledgment letter from 501c3, to be received no later than 30 days after the event

  • You must be 21 years or older to submit an application

Selection Criteria

We look to support events that:

  • Inspire people to think bigger and think differently about what's possible in their communities

  • Increase or maintain awareness about health (physical and mental), children and teen issues, breast cancer, education, and adulthood preparedness.

  • Arts & Culture

  • Host holiday feeding drives (Thanksgiving & Christmas)

  • Displays and maintains positive exposure in the community and via social media (personally and professionally)

  • Offers an opportunity to create a lasting relationship



When submitting your request please include the following:

  • Project summary, including goals and objectives

  • If submitting as an organization we will need proof of 501(c)3 nonprofit organization status

  • Mission statement


All requests will be reviewed and applicants will receive our decisions within five (5) to seven (7) business days. We will notify you in writing of the outcome of your application.


 Please click here for the  Application & Support Packages  and email the application to

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