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Our Approach


The Eclectic Table stands out, we offer completely customized and personalized menus for any event our creativity fused with your personal tastes. Your menus are limited only by your imagination! We will work with you in order to provide a delicious cuisine that is all about you: your vision, your tastes, and your budget. From weddings, dinner parties, showers, dinner for twos, meal planning, and even meal prep; we can bring you the ultimate dining experience.  

We also specialize in graphic design so we are able to assist you with your invites, programs, decorative menus, custom Snap Chat filters, custom guest books, personalized table elements, and more.....

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"Chef Aris created an amazing menu for our wedding! I never thought I would find someone who could do vegan food so well & make it so appealing to everyone, not just vegans. She managed to fit mine & my husband’s food styles into one spectacular meal & for that I’m truly grateful!! 90% vegan with shrimp & grits for 250 people? Chef Aris rocked it"!

Allison P.